I will scrape Yellow Pages for any type of data

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Service Description

Hello Everyone!

I will extract any type of data from any country or state or continent at a reasonable or affordable price according to your demands. Basically, I have a lot of experience with yellow pages and I'm working for it for the last 3 years and it's my best experience with yellow pages.

Which services am I offering in this GIG?
- Name.
- Contact Information(if available).
- Address.
- Emails.
- Website Links(if available).

Why do people choose me?
1. 100% accuracy work.
2. Delivery on time.
3. Do work with confidentially.
4. No lame excuses.
5. Quickly response.
6. No stupid talks.

Note: Feel free to inbox me for more details about your work. Don't forget to bookmark my GIG so next time you haven't difficulty finding me.

I'm also believing on this quote:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. For which country or state do you scrape the yellow pages?

Ans: Almost all the states or countries I scrape the yellow pages. In short, I scrape the yellow pages all over the world.

Q2. Will you provide the website links?

Ans: Yeah sure, if it is possible so I definitely provide the website links according to the client's demand.

Q3. In how many days will you deliver the project?

It depends on the client's work. If it is a short task so maybe I deliver in 1 day.

Q4. Have you ever worked on this type of project?

Yes, I'm working on this type of project for the last 3 years as I have mentioned in the description.

Najmul Hasan
Karachi, PK.
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