WorkChest is unqiue, we do not have a single Pakistani Marketplace till date so we understand you may have some questions. We have tried all to answer here but if something is not covered why don't you drop us an email at [email protected]

Welcome to the WorkChest

WorkChest is in BETA stage, that means you could run across some/minor bugs. We are continuously adding new features on the website.

What exactly is this website?

WorkChest is a portal, which lets Pakistani professionals create a online services shopfront. The services vary from website design to graphic design, logo design to complex book keeping, lawyer services and lot others.

The website is one of its kind, different as there has been none other showcasing Pakistani talent and bring it on the front for International clients to HIRE.

How do I buy a service?

- Browse through different packages in your desired category

- Ask questions

- Negotiate price (if not satisfied with the Freelancer package)

- Buy the services

- Put money in ESCROW

- Release when work is done as per your satisfaction

- Give Feedback

Why is the payment taken upfront and what is ESCROW?

It's a Virtual shop which means when in Physical bazaar you buy something you pay upfront. In our case the money stays with Rozgar Escrow (not transferred to the service provider) unless the work is done as you desire. The money is released from ESCROW *V Vault 500* to the freelancer when the employer releases the money.

Why WorkChest website for my jobs ?

To overcome the saturation on International freelance marketplaces, to empower Pakistani freelancers and for the brand recognition which essentially means that this is a portal where talented, competitive freelancers from Pakistan can be reached.

Who is a professional and what does he/she do on this portal?

One who sells his services here on WorkChest

What are the service categories this website offer?

Please check all categories on the front page of the website.

I am a Pakistani employer but I cant use freelancer's service because I do not have Paypal.?

We are working on introducing multiple payment systems. Soon Pakistani employers will also be able to HIRE freelancers.

What are the fees here?

Just 7% per completed job which means if you offer a package of $100 you get paid $93. Amazing prices right?. Its includes all transaction fees

What if I have a dispute on this website for my purchase/services?

When there is a dispute just go inside your admin panel (make sure you are logged in so system can take your username) and fill out the ticket. The service is FREE of cost for now. We resolve a dispute within 4 days based on the proof. Remember "the burden of proof falls on freelancer not the employer"

I am a freelancer, how do I transfer money to my bank account?

Once your account balance is over $25 (2500 Rs/-) we send it to your bank account (*FREE - Limited Time Only*)

Future Plans?

Well we have got a lot in store, from social networking platform like facebook to a unique bidding system where employers post a project and freelancers bid. We will be hitting back with BANG every now and then. We are destined to make the news frequently. To know more please visit https://rozgarpakistan.com/blog/rozgar-pakistan-freelance-marketplace-for-talented-pakistani-workers-for-freelance-work/