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Service Description

Content Creator Expert + Website Content Writer+ Copywriter + Data Analyst+ A P.hD Researcher for You


I am Aamir Sohail a Ph.D. Scholar from one of the best universities in Pakistan. I have deep knowledge of subjects related to biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, cell biology, cancer biology, endocrinology, metabolism, and enzymology. I have helped more than 1000 clients throughout the world with my expertise as a freelancer.

"I’m a Content Creator in subjects related to Biology, biochemistry, and molecular biology with experience in building website content, editing, and proofreading. I can help you with rephrasing and 100% plagiarism-free work".

I did my masters from the top-ranked university of Pakistan in biochemistry and molecular biology. I did my from IUB in subjects zoology, botany, and chemistry. I did my M.Phil. in biochemistry and molecular biology from QAU. I did my research on the type 2 diabetic mice model where the main aim was to investigate a PTP1B inhibitor called viscosol in the alleviation of diabetes symptoms.

Then I started my Ph.D. career in the same department exploring the world of biochemistry and molecular biology. I worked as a research assistant on many projects in my lab. My main duties in the lab were; in-vitro analysis, in-vivo studies, animal modelling, data analysis, western blotting, real-time PCR, RAN & DNA extraction, and protein extraction and quantification. Some projects were:

1- Role of Viscosol in type 2 diabetic mice model
2- Inflammation and targeted pathways in Diabetic mice model
3- Lipid dysregulation in Diabetic mice model
4- Insilco Analysis of PTP1B and Viscosol

I will Help You In the:
• I will write research articles, research summaries and review articles for you.
• I have 3 years of experience as a freelancer and online tutor.
• I will help you to solve your problems related to my subjects.
• I will rephrase, proofread and edit your work.
• I have expertise in writing research papers, blog posts, content writing and website content.
• I can do statistical data analysis using ImageJ and GraphPad Prism.

My Areas of Expertise are:

1. Biology
2. Biochemistry
3. Molecular Biology
4. Research and Summaries
5. Review Articles
6. Rephrasing
7. Blog Posts
8. Website Content
9. Copywriting
10. Medical Illustrations for Scientific Journals
11. Graphical Abstracts for Research Articles
12. Making Graphs
13. Power Point Presentations
14. Cell Biology
15. Genetics
16. Human physiology
17. Metabolism
18. Endocrinology
19. Vitamins

 It is my immense pleasure to offer my services in different parts of the world as a freelancer. I did many projects of article writing and website content creation for Indian giant “The Art of Healing Cancer” and US-based pharmaceutical company “The Herbal Biotech Company”. Now I am working as a website content creator for the newly launched pharmaceutical company in India "Puro best".
 I am a level 2 seller on one of the best platforms in the world. I worked as a content creator for many companies and projects. I helped my clients with my expertise in the subjects such as Biology, cancer biology, genetics, biochemistry, and molecular biology.
 I started my career with one of the best academy in my province dating back to 2019. I worked as an online tutor of biology and later I became head of the biology department in my academy. I have more than 3 years of experience as an online tutor.
 I have more than 2 years of experience as a home tutor where I taught biology and chemistry to students.

 My main goal is to provide my services to my clients and look for an opportunity to gain experience from different projects.

 Feel free to contact me if you are looking for 100% plagiarism-free work with 100% authenticity.

 I’ll fully project manage your brief from start to finish.

Technology Used

Research and data analysis: ImageJ, GraphPad Prism, statistical software packages.
Writing and editing: Word processing software (Microsoft Word, Google Docs) for content creation, proofreading, and editing.
Creating graphs and illustrations: Software such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, or similar graphic design tools.
Communication and project management: Email, messaging platforms, project management tools

Frequently Asked Questions

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Aamir sohail
Islamabad, PK.
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