I will do custom website development using modern technologies like react js, next.js and typescript

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Service Description


React is the leading frontend framework which has revolutionized the way user interfaces are built. As a certified React developer, I specialize in developing highly performant, functional, and user-friendly interfaces using React. My goal is to translate your business information and data into a dynamic & interactive user interface that is completely responsive.

What You Get:

Adherence to industry best practices
Clean and properly commented code
Modular code for ease of debugging and reusability
Thoroughly-tested functionalities
Latest standards and guidelines followed
Deployment to your server

Technology Used

React JS
Next JS
Server Side Rendering (SSR)
Expert with Redux/Redux Toolkit
API integration with proper state and store management
Performance optimization
HTML5, Tailwind CSS

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these technologies better than CMS like Wordpress?
Yes, these technologies are modern and according to industry standard. They can be used to create performant applications and provide seemless user experience unlike Wordpress.

Why should I choose a developer using React.js, Next.js, and TypeScript for my project?
These technologies offer a modern, efficient, and scalable approach to web development. React's component-based structure, Next.js's additional features for performance, and TypeScript's static typing help create robust, maintainable, and future-proof web applications.

How do these technologies contribute to better user experiences?
By leveraging React.js's reusability, Next.js's performance enhancements, and TypeScript's type safety, developers can create smoother, faster, and more reliable user interfaces, ultimately improving the overall user experience.

Waqar Ahmad
Islamabad, PK.
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