CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) Calculator In Microsoft Excel

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Service Description

Does your university use Grade Point Average (GPA) system for grading your semesters' progress? And you want to keep the track of all grades during whole university study period at one place? Then you have come at the right place.

I will develop an Excel sheet through which you can keep track of all your subject's grades, your semester GPAs, and your CGPA in a single sheet.

In order to develop your CGPA Calculator, I will require following things from you:
- All your subjects that you will study throughout your university according to semesters
- The credit hours for every subject
-Your university's grading policy

You can also use this GPA Calculator to guess your possible CGPA or SGPA if you have guess about your upcoming grades for any particular subject.

This calculator is very easy to use, as you just have to enter your particular grade that you have earned in the subject, and the formulas applied will give you the result instantly. This calculator can also be used to make a good-looking Grading Sheet for your whole degree.

Technology Used

Microsoft Excel

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