Order Placing on Amazon Saudi Market

Posted : 3 weeks ago    Posted By: Ammar Ahmad
Category: Ecommerce Expert
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Job Description

I need Person who know how to Place order on Amazon and have placed orders before. I will provide everything; they just need to place orders on Amazon. Should Place one one order on each ID. Initially, I will pay 150 PKR or more for placing one order on Amazon. After observing their performance for a few days, I will increase the charges. They need to place a minimum of 30 orders daily, but they can place as many orders as possible. Only contact me if you have ever placed an order on Amazon before. I will explain further details on AnyDesk about how the work will be done like how to place order on Amazon.

Job Skills

You just need to know what Amazon is, how to place orders on Amazon, and if you have placed orders on Amazon in the past. I will explain the rest of the process, and your work speed should be fast so that you can place the maximum number of orders per day and earn more.


Have you ever placed an order on Amazon or any other marketplace?
Do you know about RDP/VPS?

Who Applied Average Bid: $2512.38