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Hisham Sarwar

Freelance economy rise

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 The rise of the digital nomad and freelance economy has begun and it is being led by self-employed or small businesses. Entrepreneurs create more job opportunities than any other sector of the economy and they are at the forefront of an evolving 21st century economy that is shaping world’s new employment landscape. It is a place where brick-and-mortar store fronts are constantly being replaced by online retailers where contractors and freelancers are the new version of a typical office worker. Read More


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The term freelance commonly refers to a self-employed or a creative individual who rather than working 9 to 5 or going for a day job to work with the same company over a period of years, works typically from home, comfort of their couch for a number of different clients all over the world. Read More

Good Bye 2014, Welcome 2015.

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rozgar 2015 -998

It was a very hot day of June 2014. I was with my Art Director – Muddassir Hassan and CTO – Fahad Mobeen at the lunch. We have been talking about a potential of having a Pakistani marketplace where freelancers of Pakistan are able to showcase their talent and find online jobs. That day, 27th June, officially placed the foundation of the idea “Rozgar Pakistan” and we decided to move forward with the idea.

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Freelance Work

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Pakistani Freelancers have been doing some pretty good work and making a good name for themselves as well as for Pakistan in the international freelance marketplaces. While searching for the keyword “freelance work” in Google Pakistan, I came across few gems who have done magnificently well and that excited me to search more about the service providers from this land. Read More