Online Marketing

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Before the introduction of internet, there were many different ways to advertise. Media channels such as radio, TV, magazines, newspapers, telemarketing or pamphlets were all a great source for selling a product. The approach was to getting the company or the brand name communicated to the masses with lowest possible cost.

With the introduction of internet, a larger platform for search option became available to the companies and industries. Businesses were assumed to have great value because of the advertising perception at that time therefore they traded on the stock exchange at astonishing rates. But the dotcom bubble brought down this assumption in 2001. Because of many failing website businesses, internet was almost marginalized at that time. However, online options kept being exploded by the consumers and companies. Read More

Adding value with web technology

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The best way to stand out and get a chance of survival in a swarming court room is to offer more than a transcript. Lowering the prices in the long run will not help in growing the business, until you add value to that transcript. Concept of value added services is not new but the advancements in technology have helped in innumerable ways that are uniquely suited to court reporting and other authorized firms.

The beauty of web technology lies in the fact that without hiring new employees you can add services to your business. Web technologies are even helpful in leveling the playing fields as small firms can offer the same level of service as large firms are offering. Read More

Java Web services

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The introduction of XML was hailed as the foundation of the latest technology that will allow interoperable businesses. Over several years, the XML standards have evolved and it has been incorporated in every facet of innovative development. All the operating systems, programming languages, application servers, web servers, networking protocols and data basis are being operated with XML. Read More

Future Tech Possibilities

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At current time, technology is unleashing products and services that we had never imagined before. If we look at just last five years of our lives, the world was a very different place by then. We are progressing and so is the world around us. We all use a handful of things today that was impossible to even consider before. Some of the things might be gone due to rapid advancements in technology, methods and new innovations. Read More

The Impacts of Web Services to e-commerce Research

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Group of technologies that can standardize the communication of applications in order to connect systems, customers and business partners efficiently through World Wide Web are referred to as web services. The top software vendors such as IBM, Microsoft, SAP, SUN and Oracle are all embracing web services principles. Advanced web service enabled tools and products are being continuously introduced by these retailers. The traditional ways in which businesses design their applications as services, integrate with other business entities, manage business process workflows, and conduct e-business transactions have been evolved by with the advancements in web services. Read More

Emerging business opportunities with evolving trends in e-commerce

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Achieving business targets had never been this difficult. It has become really hard to manage the complexities of competition that has risen with the introduction of e-commerce. Running in the race requires adaptation of the changes that are taking place in e-commerce. Only those who assimilate and learn from evolving technology are able to survive the competition. It also depends on the organization’s ability to be flexible and respond actively the changing environment. This is what keeping the entrepreneurs on their toes all the time. Read More

Freelance economy rise

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 The rise of the digital nomad and freelance economy has begun and it is being led by self-employed or small businesses. Entrepreneurs create more job opportunities than any other sector of the economy and they are at the forefront of an evolving 21st century economy that is shaping world’s new employment landscape. It is a place where brick-and-mortar store fronts are constantly being replaced by online retailers where contractors and freelancers are the new version of a typical office worker. Read More

Online Marketplace

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With population exceeding 180 million people, Pakistan is the world’s 36th largest nation in terms of area. Invaded and conquered by different empires and dynasties, this historical region has been home to several ancient cultures. The remnants of their knowledge and business practices have become a part of our country’s culture and philosophy on trade and investment which is inevitably contributing to the development of the entrepreneurship of the nation. Read More

Web development freelancing is on the rise.

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Freelance web development Freelancing has become an attractive option for entrepreneurs. Many mature entrepreneurs are becoming freelancers themselves as for them it is a “Side Hustle” for earning extra income.

Freelancers offer customers a wealth of experience that may tip the scales in their favor. They represent almost a hidden source of potential that can work perfectly for the growing segment of the entrepreneurial market. Freelance web development has become a growing industry with the commercialization of web. Their basic interdisciplinary skills consists of web design and graphic design, Information architecture, copy writing and copy editing with web usability, accessibility along with search engine optimization. Read More

Freelance Web Development in Pakistan

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 Web development is an area of brisk activity for companies in the business circle. It can range from developing the simple statistic page of plain text to the most complex web-based internet application, electronic businesses and social network services. It can also be a collaborative effort between departments rather than the domain of a designated department. Read More