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Project Description

Our team is looking for copywriter(s) and content creator(s) with a background in TeleMedicine / eHealth to join an SEO-first distributed team. Please read the points below before sending in your proposals.

This job is right for you if you've already written engaging content which converts users from targeted google search queries into appointments with a virtual doctor.

Ideal process & qualifications :

(a) We give you a search query. You look at the top 5 articles ranking for that search query and provide recommendations for a content piece that would outperform them.

(b) Not just in length but in things like: text readability, writing style, use of personal voice, as well as the breadth & depth of the Sources & Quotes you'd like to incorporate into the text.

(c) Our editorial team is composed of creative writing majors from Ivy league universities like Columbia and U-Chicago. While you do not HAVE to be an English native speaker, nor do you HAVE to have technical medical knowledge and background - the quality of the content you can deliver will need to be comparable to that of what you can find in the NY Times or the New Yorker Magazine; the main reason behind having such a high standard is to avoid falling behind the content delivery calendar; not to mention factors like creativity and topical research discipline.

(d) The editor assigned to you will provide assistance with getting your, writing style and delivery speed on par, however DO NOT APPLY if the foundation isn't there. Our word count varies and can be anywhere between 800 and 4,200 words per article, depending on what ranks in position 1 for the keyword we are looking to target as well as a multitude of other factors.

1) IMPORTANT: Please add at least 3 published writing samples to your submission for this project.
2) IMPORTANT: If neither of the 3 samples are on Telemedicine or Health related topics, perform the search outlined in point (a) above and forward us a short synopsis/outline of an SEO friendly article you would like to write, targeting a health related keyword query, question or phrase of your choice.

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