Merge or Update two excel files using python code need urgent

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Project Description

please read carefully

You will have two excel data files M3T1DO.xlsx and M3T1DI.xlsx with the dates and closing price of a stock. You need to update both existing excel data files for missing data in each file using the python program I have at the moment.

We need to add a button to the UI.
Once I click the button it should add the missing data in other to both M3T1DI.xlsx and M3T1DO.xlsx.
At the end of the code, you will have two same exact excel files with two different names on it.
We do not need any duplicate data in any of the files.
The rest of the program should be able to run using the updated file.
attach files
2 M3T1DI.xlsx main file
3 zip folder of all data files

SO basically what happens is i download end of the day stock closing price every day.
in case I added a new stock today, there will be a new worksheet in the m3t1di.xlsx file.
It takes a lot of time to download for 5 years. So i want to download only for 5 days. The program name the downloaded file as m3t1di.xlsx. so we have old data file m3t1do.xlsx.
You need to add a button to merge the two data files and create two identical files at the end.

Project Skills

python coding
Expert Excel Skills

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