Need an expert Photoshop Artist (Advance level NO Beginners PLEASE)

Posted : 6 days ago    Posted By: ALI
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Project Description

Need advanced level Photoshop and Illustrator artist for two months who knows how to clip a pet (please note: different dogs and cats have different types of fur) from its background and place it on my pre-made Illustrator template.
Must have Photoshop Actions knowledge and be able to work on pre-made actions.
On approval, Artists will need to undergo a small training to understand the complete process and will be given a good amount if he/she deserves and understand the training quickly.
Please read my questions and skills required carefully before reaching me and only call or apply if you have the skills mentioned below.
Price can go high if you are really deserving!

Project Skills

PHOTOSHOP and Illustrator is a must!
Must have at least a 1GB Graphics card computer with good internet speed and New photoshop 2020 and illustrator version


Please specify when calling or replying through chat
1-Do you have a command over the Freeform pen tool? can you crop a dog or a cat the way it should look professional crop especially from the edges (No blurry fur edges)
2-Do you have a 1 GB graphic card and at least 8GB Ram computer and can sit for 10 hours a day including Sunday (just for two months of November and December 2020)

Who Applied Average Bid: $45