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Project Description

Anybody interested for easy work from home and earn / withdraw daily/weekly money in Pakistan, contact plz
you only have to like YouTube videos and earn Rs. 40 to 100 per click

as you can see it is a program to get real YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok likes and comments etc. that is why we hire people and pay them for getting real likes, comments. Please visit the website/Install the LAM android app from Play Store and watch video tutorials, which will show you how much easy is this to work on these sites.
Click to join and watch video tutorials.



First 3 days work is to asses you, if you do it according to instructions then you can buy a package, and 3 day work earnings will be included in your withdraw able earning. (withdraw can be with Easypaisa or Jazzcash)

Packages starts from

1. VIP1 / Assistant 4000 with monthly earnings of 4,800
2. VIP2 / Staff 15,000 with monthly earnings of 18,000
3. VIP3 / Tutor 50,000 with monthly earning of 60,000
4. VIP4 / Manager 1,50,000 with monthly earning of 1,80,000
5. VIP5 / Director 500,000 with monthly earning of 600,000
And so on

Referral System

It has 3 tier referral system with
10% for first tier
5% for second tier
2% for third tier
So unlimited earnings waiting for you

(Package fee is only one time and refundable (if you continuously work for us for 6 months))

Start from lowest package and earn it back and then spend for good package if you want to earn more. This is the good way to work online

Also Robot available to work for you without spending your own time, It just want permission to use your Social Media Platforms to like, subscribe on it.

For further details and guidance for work, please contact at
[email protected]

Who Applied Average Bid: Rs.5762.5