Long-term project

Posted : 4 months ago    Posted By: Michael Williams
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Project Description

The position is like this.
Main role:
I have some Chinese developers and they want to get jobs on LinkedIn, but for some reasons, they are not able to use Linkedin. So I am providing them some of my friends' accounts and I need someone to handle those accounts instead of them, because they can't connect to LinkedIn in their location.
So the person who will manage LinkedIn accounts is going to get paid based on the number of interview requests from Linkedin.
E.g if you are a person who manages those LinkedIn accounts, you will have full credentials for those accounts and increase the connects, apply for jobs and try to get interview requests. That's your responsibility. You will get paid based on the number of interview requests.
Originally, we will start from 3 USD per two interview requests. In addition, if the connects reached to number times of 500, you will get additional 100USD.
As the time goes on and you are getting more success on this work, then we will increase the payment to 5 USD per one interview requests.

In the case you know programming and you want to grow as a developer:
We will have some tests to verify your skill and if you don't have any programming skill, you can start as an intern and we will guide you to become experts.
Even though you don't have any knowledge in programming, you will learn from writing codes in real products.
If you have knowledge, then you can work on our projects and you will improve your knowledge and experience.
If you are becoming expert in the field, then we will consider you as a full-time employee, so you will work as a full-time developer in the comfortable workspace that you have been working on.

Project Skills

Social, A little programming skill,
Need to be open-minded to any kind of social change and upcoming news


Do you have some experience in handling social accounts?

Do you know some programming language?

What is your expected salary per month?

Who Applied Average Bid: $750