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Posted : 3 months ago    Posted By: Usama Khan
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Project Description

Skilled dialer Male or Female needed for a real estate firm,
I run a real estate marketing firm in blue area and been working in pakistan for 2 years now,
Finally ive grown my business enough so that now i can afford to work on leads,
For this projects i will need callers i.e dialers,
I will be providing the leads material,
being worthy of the job , freelancers will get a complete concise contract and fulfillments from my side,
hope to find the best ones inshaALLAH

Project Skills

A well spoken person would highly be appreciated
Good experience in caller business (more than a year recommended)
Competitive behaviour
Making 30 to 40 calls a day
Urgent respondant to texts and calls
Most importantly should learn about the projects we work on!


I have no questions
But if anyone has some
Contact 03340055318

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